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Vision For 2030

NMHC & NAA have issued a recent study indicating unprecedented demand for apartments has reached an all-time high with nearly 39 million people in the US as current renters—1 in 8. The research shows that demand will grow substantially by 2030—with the need to build 4.6 million units to meet that demand and control the cost of housing. The attached report can be downloaded for review, compliments RedHill.

Leading market qualities

Institutionally Vetted

At RedHill, all deals to date have been done with institutional investors who have vetted and consider RedHill a best-in-class investment manager.

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The team has 100+ years of real estate experience, across disciplines including acquisitions, asset and property management, and development.

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Integrated platform

RedHill has a fully-integrated investment platform including Property Acquisitions, Asset Management, and Property Management Services.

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Market Coverage

RedHill invests nationally but, predominantly in the Western U.S. and analyzes more than $1 Billion weekly in market and off market offerings.

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A founding partner and CFO of RedHill Realty Investors, Mr. Greenwood was key in the founding of the company in 2005 along with Russell Dixon its legacy leader. A former Price Waterhouse alum, Greenwood helped to establish the company and was instrumental in driving its rise to one of the leading Investor-Operating companies in the multifamily business. Key to his success was his incomparable work ethic, discipline, and integrity. A family man with four daughters and his wife Andrea of 30 years, Travis will focus on his personal interests. Travis will be greatly missed the RedHill family and many friends in the industry.

Perkins oversees all aspects of RedHill’s Financial Management, Asset Management and Reporting.

Pascale to execute related activities including deal origination, underwriting, and structured finance functions—LP equity and debt.


RedHill is a Private Equity Investor and Operator specializing in the Multifamily Sector. Since 2005, the firm has represented numerous private investors, family offices and institutional partners investing nationally—with execution focused predominantly in the Western United States. RedHill’s formula for adding investment value includes a full complement of capabilities within an Integrated Platform, including Acquisitions, Joint Venture Formation, Fund Management, Asset and Property Management Services. The company offers investors access to quality institutional grade opportunities on a recurring basis and is customized to provide investors with capital preservation, cash flows, and high market-risk adjusted returns. The company is led by national legacy leaders with experience transacting Billions in related disciplines and possessing a cross section of expertise and skills. These combined capabilities establish the RedHill competitive edge and ultimately provide superior execution to its clients.