RedHill seeks to invest opportunistically in quality multifamily assets with unique components for value enhancement and growth. The company invests directly, seeks to invest in partnerships and joint ventures, and engages in advisory activities for its institutional and private investors. Specifically, RedHill targets single asset or portfolio acquisitions, including mixed use or any property with density housing as a key component.


RedHill integrates the capabilities of the entire organization, utilizing a best-minds and integrated approach in skillfully executing a strategy for its investors and clients. The managed process entails a unique methodology which draws upon in-depth market research, econometric forecasting, property sourcing and intelligent underwriting to match client and investor capital with appropriate risk adjusted returns.

Our Managed Process


Recognizing that real estate markets are a constantly changing mix of variables including shifts in capital markets, trends, macroeconomics events and changing regulatory environments, RedHill has the capability to uncover, originate and underwrite sophisticated opportunistic events. They may range across the spectrum from acquiring irreplaceable assets in high barrier-to-entry markets to identifying and acquiring properties at or below replacement costs in markets where misplacing has occurred.


RedHill believes associated demographics will drive significant and increased demand for rental and owner housing over the next 10-20 years and beyond, as housing redefines itself to accommodate the needs of the millennials, the aging baby boom, immigration and other household formations and emerging markets. RedHill intends to capitalize on this anticipated oncoming growth and market transitions by investing within the sector exclusively.

Advisors and research providers assist RedHIll in econometric forecasting, market and asset selection. Additionally, RedHill's deep relationships with brokers and local information sources provide in-depth and objective understanding of RedHill's target market selections.