While institutionally minded, RedHill is entrepreneurial and nimble. At RedHill, all deals to date have been done with institutional investors who have vetted and consider RedHill a best in class manager and operator. RedHill has significant fiduciary experience with transparent reporting channels. RedHill values loyalty and integrity and has asset managed at its own cost during the market crash in order to keep promises made to investors.


RedHill has a fully integrated investment platform where Property Acquisitions, Asset Management and Property Management Services, Development and Construction Management, Capital Formation, and Financial Services all work together providing custom solutions and high market yields.


The RedHill team has 100+ years of experience in real estate and is rounded across disciplines such as, acquisitions, asset and property management, and development. Russell Dixon, RedHill's founder and CEO, is a nationally recognized industry leader. Prior to RedHill, Mr. Dixon founded the CBRE and the CBREI’s multifamily group, and has managed and directed more than $50 Billion in multifamily transactions. Mr. Dixon is well established and respected in the multifamily space, resulting in access to market execs, brokers, and key channels.


RedHill invests nationally, but most heavily in the Western United States and analyzes more than $1 Billion in market and off market offerings every week. RedHill has "boots on the ground" and significant channels in place to originate, to underwrite and to execute deals. The firm has immediate access to market intelligence and market channels beyond other competitors, and is experienced in adding value through problem solving, structured finance, and management efficiency.


Unlike other investment and advisory firms which invest across all major investment sectors, RedHill is specialized within the multifamily sector but is diversified by class, across geographic lines, and across capital sources and deal structures. This philosophy allows a high degree of specialized diversification resulting in high risk adjusted returns for its clients and capital sources.